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1. Any terms set forth herein (including but not limited to comments, predictions, charts, indicators, theories, explicit or implicit instructions) are only intended for reference purposes. You should make decisions based on your particular circumstances.    

Any comments on stock & currency market, investment analysis reports, or economic prediction articles herein are solely provided for your information and consideration. We intend but do not guarantee to precisely offer the data of company & individual stock contained herein. You should stick to information of listed companies which is disclosed on press or websites designated by regulatory institutions, in the appearance of any incorrect or incomplete disclosures.    

Any investors, who suffer losses caused by full or partial use of, or reliance on terms provided, or by unparticular information herein, should not be compensated. 

2. Interference, blockage, delay, or data incorrectness could possibly occur with Internet transition. We are not in the business of offering accurate or timely data & transaction in the case of technical problems which are not under our control.      

3. Any contents, provided on other sites with links herein, are not intended or written to be used. We are not in the business of providing advice and you should make decisions based on your particular circumstances.  

4. If there is any, we should stick to local regulations with enforcement on the limit & exemption of accountabilities    

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